Tobe Turpen Donates To APA

Tobe Turpen Donates To Action Programs for Animals

I will donate a portion of every Real Estate transaction in 2016 to Action Programs for Animals. Help me support this organization. 


The next  Super Sunday Open House Event Is.

February 10th

Steinborn & Associates Real Estate will donate $2.00 for every completed entry form. Tobe Turpen will match what Steinborn donates and double the donation. Watch for the list of addresses and not only view great homes, but increase our donation to APA! A list of homes that will be open will be posted here. 

February 10th List of Open Houses

3650 MORNING STAR #708 SONOMA W 2 2 1050 125,000
4412 MARICOPA CIRCLE SONOMA E 3 2 1933 290,000
1140 CAVE SPRING TRAIL SONOMA W 4 2.5 2705 450,000
1626 VIA TURQUESA PICAHILLS 3 2.75 3059 439,500
2218 LOS MISSIONEROS SONOMA W 3 1.75 1597 186,000
1010 CALLE DEL EL PASO MESILLA AREA 4 4 4413 749,000
4308 CALLE DE NUBES JORNADA 3 2 1968 217,800
1912 Lone Tree SONOMA W 4 2 2122 294,950
2612 COMSTOCK COURT SONOMA W 3 2 2309 255,000
5190 GRANITE JORNADA 3 2.5 2041 160,000
3490 MIDNIGHT RIDGE SONOMA W 4 2 2123 275,000
1340 EVANS DRIVE UNIV HILLS 5 3 2361 150,000
4185 SOTOL DRIVE LAS ALTURAS 3 2 2697 363,000
3829 JACK NICKLAUS TELSHOR AREA 4 2 1845 237,000
6079 ATLAS JORNADA 3 1.75 1925 269,900
1509 FISHER  SAN ANDRES 3 2.75 3480 299,000
5815 DESERT PEAK PEACHTREE 3 2.5 2038 164,500
3688 SANTA ADRIANA JORNADA 3 3 2585 275,000
2836 MADDOX LOOP SONOMA W 3 2 2035 294,777





APA has….

-Rescued more than 4000 animals from the shelter

-Distributed over 500,000 lbs of food to over 2000 families

-Partnered with Casa de Peregrinos and Meals on Wheels

-Partnered with the prison dog training program P.A.W.S


APA's  mission is to help Dona Ana County reach our No Kill goal to eliminate the unnecessary killing of companion animals via progressive & friendly animal-welfare programs and services.  Our vision is that our efforts will help transform our community to improve the quality of life for companion animals and greatly reduce the number of abandoned and homeless animals impounded and killed at our municipal shelter.

We provide services and support to existing pet guardians who are suffering financial hardship via our pet food bank program.  We also assist our clients with spay/neuter and veterinary care when funding allows.

We run a Second Chance Dogs & Cats program, which takes in former abuse-case animals, many of which are pit bull-type dogs, and helps find these dogs homes vs. the alternative—going to the municipal shelter to be automatically put down.  APA recognizes many of these dogs need extra support to acclimate to life in a new home, so post-adoption training and support is provided to families willing to give these special dogs a home where they will never have to suffer neglect or abuse again.

Lastly, in 2012, we started our DAPA! Campaign, which is an effort to pull as many at-risk dogs and cats from the municipal shelter, put them into foster homes, and then find them new homes.  This program started in May of that year, and to date, we have rescued more than 1465 animals and hope to grow that number significantly each year until the day our community can reach a No Kill status (where we save more than 90% of all the animals that end up at our municipal shelter). 


We are located in Las Cruces, NM, but our services are offered to all those in Dona Ana County.



The Turpen's and APA

Tobe Turpen
Steinborn & Associates Real Estate
141 Roadrunner Parkway #141
Las Cruces, N.M.
Over 16+ Years Experience