Closing Costs


Standard Closing Costs



ü  As they say "everything is negotiable". In Las Cruces there is a certain schedule of “standard” closing costs which seems to occur more often.  Please know that all transactions are different and the example below is not in concrete, just a sample.

ü  The buyer usually pays for everything that is involved with the loan except the flood certification. 

ü  The buyer and seller are splitting the title company's closing fee; each is paying their own recording fees.

ü  The seller is paying for the title binder and title insurance.

ü  The buyer is paying for the bank's mortgagee policy.

ü  -The seller is paying for the survey.

ü  The seller is paying for impact fees. The impact fees are fees that are usually related to new subdivisions.  If there is a balance, the seller will usually pay the balance at closing.

ü  Seller may or may not agree to pay for a home warranty contract.  We are seeing more home warranty contracts on older homes.

*This is only an example, every transaction is different.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.